We've Hit $31,000!!!

Last Thursday, we hosted our fundraising event for HEART in Haiti at the Post Office Cafe in Babylon, Long Island. Thank you to everyone...

Last Thursday, we hosted our fundraising event for HEART in Haiti at the Post Office Cafe in Babylon, Long Island. Thank you to everyone who came out! It was a tremendous event and we raised almost $5,000, putting us over $31,000 raised for the children in Haiti. $31,000!!! We’ve successfully DOUBLED our original fundraising goal and beat our second of $25,000. We still have two weeks before leaving New York for Haiti and this $31,000 can go even higher. If you haven’t already donated, please consider making a donation. We’re making a huge impact for HEART in Haiti, far bigger than we ever imagined. 

To check out pictures from the event, click here. A big thank you to Tracey Spero for taking such beautiful pictures. 

We want to say a few thank other yous as well. First to the Post Office Cafe for hosting us and donating all unexpected proceeds to HEART in Haiti. They were fantastic to work with and created the space for our amazing night. A special thank you to Kaitlin, Jimmy, and Andrew who were our staff for the evening. You did a tremendous job. We’d also like to thank Anisa Romero, Vaeda Black, and the Sons of Sanford for sharing their music with us and getting the room dancing. You were all amazing! Thank you also to all the dudes who put together raffle items for the night and to ALL OF YOU who bought tickets and won some pretty awesome prizes. And, finally, a big shout out to the Dudes4Haiti Event Team who put together an incredible event. 

We’re just a couple weeks from heading to Haiti and it’s starting to get real. Earlier this week, HEART in Haiti sent the floor plans for the library. It’s amazing that after all these months of preparation, fundraising, and conversations, we’re going in two weeks.

I’ve always liked to travel to foreign destinations with no expectations. I find that it opens my eyes, mind, and heart to what’s there instead of trying to fit my experiences into a preconceived box. We speak often in our Men’s Group about the distinction between being committed to being right or happy about something. It’s true that we take preconceived notions everywhere we go. And there's beauty and possibility for growth when we can loosen our grip on them. Travel is no different, and it’s easy to go to another country and bring along all we’ve read about stuffed in our suitcases and our pockets. I invite you, whether you’re traveling with us or following along on this blog, to open your eyes, mind, and heart to the unknown and approach this journey without expectations. Don’t be right about your experience before you step off that plane. Don't try to choose it before you land. You’ll feel something when you’re there. I promise you that. 

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