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As we get closer to our trip to Haiti, I’m struck by how much has happened during the 6 months since our Men’s Group decided to go. What b...

As we get closer to our trip to Haiti, I’m struck by how much has happened during the 6 months since our Men’s Group decided to go. What began as an idea from one of our members has turned into a group mission with over 20 people slated to travel to the HEART school. Personally, I’ve never experienced anything like the adventure we are about to embark on. My wife and teenage daughter are joining me. It’s an opportunity to experience something entirely new as a family, and I am very excited for us to be together in service of others. There is something special about focusing on other people’s needs. We all have our own problems and concerns that often seem insignificant once you are truly exposed to the struggles that others endure. Haiti, in particular, has had a long and storied history of economic depression. The 2011 earthquake set the country back many years, and much of the country has not fully recovered. The HEART school was founded in response to the need for proper education in the aftermath of the earthquake. Through the selfless contribution of time and funding from people like you and me, the school continues to expand each year, adding more services and facilities for its ever-growing number of students.

While the HEART school is our destination in March, the journey began many months ago when this project was proposed. I’ve discovered and learned so much then. My initial reaction was of reservation, and I struggled internally on whether I wanted to go and also in scheduling and having to take time off of work. The trip was so outside of my comfort zone. My concerns were valid, but what was needed first was actually very simple. A commitment. A simple “Yes” was all that was needed to have the journey to Haiti begin. After that, of course, things have a way of working themselves out. I’m now excited to go and was easily able to take care of my scheduling.

Part of our group’s commitment was choosing to fund building a library for the students. The project, and it’s $10,000 price tag, initially seemed daunting to me. Perhaps, it shouldn’t have. Today, I am proud to say our group has raised almost $22,000 and counting. We still have five weeks left. The kids will get the library that they asked for while other children in the community will get the opportunity to attend the school through scholarships. Having met our original goal of $15,000 long ago, we could’ve rested on our laurels and stopped there. We are a driven bunch, though, and couldn’t possibly stop there. There’s always more to be done and we are taking it even further. 

On Thursday, March 8th, we will continue our fundraising efforts with an event at the Post Office Cafe in Babylon. 

The night will celebrate our journey so far and of what is yet to come. Featuring live music and generous raffle prizes from regional businesses, we are excited to share what we have created around our trip. The night will be an opportunity to engage with a wider audience and ask for their support in helping HEART. We’d love to see you there.

Beyond the library and scholarships, one can only imagine how much other good can be done with just a little commitment. 

Event Details:
Date & Time: March 8, 2018 from 7pm - 10pm
Location: Post Office Cafe (130 Montauk Highway, Babylon, NY)
Ticket Price: $45 per person - includes two hours of draught beer and house wine, appetizers, pasta/salad stations, and one complimentary raffle ticket upon admission

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